4:45 A.M. Class Full!


Our 4:45 A.M. class is full.  Hurry up and get your name on the schedule before the other times are full too.

Cross Training

If the hum drum of the daily routines at the gym is getting a little old then maybe you should consider cross training.



What is Cross Training?

It’s easiest to understand cross training by looking at it from an athlete’s perspective.  An athlete’s training regimen is typically dominated by sport specific training.  In other words runners run, swimmers swim, tennis players play tennis.  This is good, but also bad.  A runner who only runs will very likely be pretty good at it.  However, he/she will probably also have poor core and upper body strength and poor over all bone density.  Cross training is the antithesis to specificity.  One day a cross trainer might sprint and do power lifts and the next day it might be distance running and kick boxing.  A cross trainer is concerned about the total package.  A person who primarily cross trains may not beat the runner in a foot race, but will likely beat the runner in just about any other athletic category while still being a very capable runner.


Is cross training for me?

Do you consider yourself an athlete?  That’s a trick question.  Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself an athlete, cross training can be beneficial to you.  As an athlete cross training allows oneself to address weakness not developed within ones own sport.  This usually translates in better performance.  As a “non” athlete it’s even better because it allows one to become a physically well rounded person.   Perhaps the greatest benefit is diversity.  Cross training means you’ll often be doing something very different from one routine to the next.


No one does cross training like Forge Wellness.  Come get fit at our Yukon location.  –Colt






If there’s one word to exemplify successful people like Mariam it’s “dedicated”. This mother of two works full time while pursuing a master’s degree. Despite any roadblocks she can normally be found at the studio four times a week. If Mariam can’t come in the morning then she’s there in the afternoon. If she can’t come at all then she does something at home. Of course nutrition is the other half of being fit and Mariam is one of the most dedicated (there’s that word again) people to her diet that I know. Mariam understands being healthy is a lifestyle not a fad which is why she has now successfully met her goal of losing 30 pounds in the last 4 months. Congratulations Mariam!