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Dirty 30 an Awesome Run



A few months ago Forge Wellness formed a team (aptly named the Filthy Forgers) and made the hour long trek to Mulhall, Oklahoma for the Dirty 30 race.

Dirty 30 is a well established 5K with obstacles and tons of mud.  This year they supported the Water Is Life charity and of course they clean any donated race shoes to people in need.  Our team ranged from beginner to advanced.

The race was easy to find, very well organized and the staff was quite helpful.  One of our team mates forgot her race bib in Yukon and she was able to snag a new one well before our wave started.  The organizers were keen to make the environment both fun and supportive.  Most of the obstacles were more than achievable with lots of crawling and low walls in the mix.  Perhaps the hardest obstacle was the one tall wall.



D30 had the first ice trough I’ve had the pleasure…or displeasure.. of doing.  Strategically placed about 2/3’s of the way through the event, it served really well to cool down all the runners.  All in all the obstacles were very doable especially with the help of a team mate or a fellow runner.



At the end of the race, the local fire department was ready with a water truck to clean off participants which was cold, but awesome.  Once cooled and cleaned there was food and drink available.



If you’re looking for your first mud/obstacle event then I’d rate the Dirty 30 Race pretty high.  With a team mate the obstacles are very achievable and the atmosphere is just plain fun.  I’m personally looking forward to running this one again next year!


Cool Blueberry Pie



WARNING: This is a great dessert, but be careful.  While it’s certainly going to have a lot more nutritional value than your typical dessert item, it’s also very calorie dense.  Both dates and bananas are pretty high in sugar and the way in which this pie is made will probably raise the glycemic index of it quite a bit.



1/4 cup dates, pitted, soaked
1/2 cup walnuts
1/4 cup almonds

2-3 medium bananas
1 lb. blueberries
1/2 cups dates, pitted


In a small food processor, blend the walnuts, dates and almonds well.  Press the mixture into the bottom and sides of a pie plate, forming the crust.

Slice the  bananas into 1/4 inch rounds, leaving 1/4-1/2 of one banana for the creamy filling.  Cover the bottom of the pie shell with a layer of banana pieces.

In a food processor, blend one cup of the blueberries with the remaining piece of banana and dates.  Mix in the remaining blueberries (whole).  Pour this over the sliced bananas in the pie shell.  Garnish with walnuts or berry juice.  Chill and serve.

All credit for this recipe to Lindsey Riddle from Nourished Food Coaching